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The Home Of Platinum Revenue Innovation

BDM is a team of some of Australia’s leading B2B marketing and sales minds, sharing the cutting-edge strategies for fast-tracking predictable revenue growth


Eliot Laity
Linkedin Lead Generation Master

Meet Eliot, a sales and marketing veteran with over 25 years experience, who trains teams nationwide on B2B lead gen. He has a background in SaaS and software sales and is skilled in sales leadership, training, and business development.

With a thirst for knowledge, Eliot continuously expands his expertise. He is a pioneer in social selling, having developed innovative methods of engaging through LinkedIn. Eliot’s approach is grounded in building authentic relationships with prospects and customers, and his unique methods have helped multiple teams achieve their sales goals. Eliot’s insights are guaranteed to leave a lasting impact and take your sales game to the next level.

When he’s on Eliot time, you might catch him out for a surf or enjoying his young family.

Paul Signitzer

A seasoned brand builder with more than 20+ years proven experience shaping brands across Australia to build authority, get more leads and convert more sales.

Known for his capacity to strategically evolve brands to resonate with their target audience, Paul instinctively leverages the channels that make brands sing.

Paul enjoys fishing, training by the beach, and traveling to discover new cultures through travel. He is an enthusiast for nature, adventure, trying new foods, and making meaningful connections.

Sam Shaper
Sales Conversion Maestro

When Sam Shaper talks B2B sales… people listen. He has a proven track record of launching multiple brands from scratch to achieving million-dollar monthly revenues. His ability to pinpoint weaknesses and bottlenecks in existing sales cycles and implement effective strategies and tactics to boost revenue is truly remarkable.

Thanks to his deep understanding of revenue mechanics and expertise in reverse engineering sales processes, Sam is at the forefront of Australian B2B sales training, helping B2B companies take their sales to the next level.

When he’s not busy helping businesses increase their revenue, you can find Sam hitting the gym to stay fit and healthy, enjoying the great outdoors, catching up on the latest movies, playing games, or simply relaxing with his partner Amy.

Where You’d Rather Be...

5 stars

Before we started on the BDM Platinum program we were traditionally going around the street to businesses in the area, making cold calls. Once we started using the BDM Platinum Program we started to reach CEOs and directors of small, medium and large corporations of all types of industries that we were looking to service.

They were able to help us with connecting with people and the industries we wanted to be connected to and start those conversations a lot easier. It was a much smoother process of meeting up with them and getting on the phone with them to talk about our services.

Working with the BDM team is almost like a dream come true. They’re this outstanding group of professionals who know what they’re talking about and are always there to help. I’d definitely recommend the BDM Platinum team to any business…

Daniel H. – IT

Double Your Qualified

Appointments… Guaranteed!

We understand how the rules have changed for attracting and converting B2B prospects today. And with this knowledge comes the confidence to offer a Platinum results guarantee!

We guarantee you’ll double your qualified appointments in 90 days, or you’ll get 110% back… No questions asked!

Learn & implement the systems to take control of your content, lead generation and sales conversions in your own Platinum Pipeline. Reach out now to take the stress out of growing your B2B revenue…?

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If you’re sick of struggling to secure consistent high-quality leads and sales, and you want to learn how to deliver value, build trust, and nurture relationships with prospects right through to sales with consistency, it’s time to adapt and thrive… with a predictable Platinum Revenue Pipeline.

So rather than complaining about the lack of leads and sales, why not take control and drive your revenue… starting now?

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Converting High Paying Clients

Where You’d Rather Be...


It’s given us the ability to see the clients we wanted to see and target. Prior, it was purely word of mouth and driving around seeing people. It was really hit and miss. People didn’t know who we were.

This Linkedin campaign has let us get in front of these guys and let them know who we are and what we do.  It’s helped give us the contacts we could never do in the old school way. We can start the conversation at a level… you could never get through the gatekeepers before. To have that pipeline – It’s a great idea to see what’s coming. I definitely recommend the BDM Platinum Program.

James N.